The thirsty crow: A complete analysis

We all are very much familiar with the story of the thirsty crow. It should not be simply told. It should be studied. There is a lot more in the story that we missed to think. The morals is not only at the fantastic conclusion part but all through it.

We need to start thinking from the very beginning of the story -the crow gets a thirst.  We all need to have this thirst- a feeling of need. If we feel like we need something, we will start thinking for a solution. Here, water was the solution.


The crow searched all around in search of some water. Have you ever searched solutions of your problems within you or somewhere near to you rather than complaining or going somewhere else to find a solution? The crow had an aim(water) and it put some effort for it- search.

Finally after a long search he found a pot with a some water. We all need to keep putting efforts for finding the solution. If you stop in the middle of nothing, all the efforts you spent will be in vain.  Trust me, there’s always a solution for your problems doesn’t matter what it is.

But dramatically, in the story, the crow was unable to drink from it as the quantity was very less, and it was unreachable for him. When you finds a solution, you may think that it cannot be achieved and you were simply wasting your energy. Can you just stop doing it and start thinking? Your solution might be unreachable at the moment but keep putting efforts and you will definitely find pebbles near to you which can help you get the solution.


The crow took stones one by one and dropped inside the pot. You should not take a huge and heavy way to reach the solution. We need to go for what is comfortable for us and keep doing it. The solution will rise up and you will be able to drink from it.

The path may be a bit lengthy. It may take a bit more time. But you can keep yourself in the comfortable zone and will get the solution.  Develop an aim(thirst), put some effort(search), and find your solution or destination(water). If it seems unreachable just stop doing and start thinking. The pebbles are just near to you. Find it out, make use of it, and reach your solution.


So what do you think about this?

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