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What’s your problem?

Life is full of totally surprising events. You can’t even imagine what is going to happen in the next hours or the next days.

When bigger problems comes to our life without any previous notifications you will be surprised and depressed at the same time- a crucial moment. problem-quote-albert-einstein Such situations will always lead to bigger troubles. If we fails to handle them in the beginning, it becomes more complicated as time goes on. So the thing is how you handle the situation. For solving your problem you need to know what exactly your problem is. Can you explain your problem in one or two words?

The more you know about it, more simpler you can express it.

If you can explain your problem in simplest words -like dissatisfaction, or tension- then you can find the factor that makes it a problem for you- like over expectation, laziness, or over excitement.

You may have to ignore the factor sometimes, or make some simple changes to yourself for getting adapted with it or to overcome the problem. As Einstein meant, you will have to change the particular factor of your behavior for solving it as only that factor is responsible for the problem.

It may be your concern to something, perhaps because of your higher expectation. Before complaining we need to know what exactly the problem is, and then make necessary changes within ourselves. You will get the problem solved.

We can’t satisfy everyone at a time. Give priority to self satisfaction.