Stop learning and start thinking

You might get confused seeing my concept of ‘stop learning and start thinking’. I just want to make sure nothing in this page misleads you to the wrong way

We are very much hurry in learning new things. Everybody want to hear, experience, and speak new things. All I have to tell you is just stop doing that for a while and start thinking about something. You might get deviated from something but that really doesn’t matter at all.


Issac Newton is familiar to us with his numerous inventions. He stopped learning at a moment and started thinking. It changed his routes. He changed the face of the entire world.

When the apple fell on Newton’s head, he stopped all his doings for a while and started thinking why did the apple fell exactly on his head and why not somewhere beside him or why didn’t it go up to the sky. That simple thought enabled the entire human kind to see new dreams.

We developed a lot of technologies with his findings. Rockets, satellites, missiles, space stations, and even the elevators we use in our daily life are various degrees of development extracted from his findings.

So don’t worry about getting into new unplanned paths. May be that is what meant for you. Just start thinking and change the world. Why should you give up your ideas and passions, and change yourself when you can change the entire world?


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